Sour Beer Release: The Return of Double Blackberry G’OAT!

Join us Friday 3/8/19 to welcome our old pal Double Blackberry G’OAT to help kick Winter to the curb! From the Untappd description: Giveth credence unto the great and horned one! Gaze passionately into purple pupils of puréed blackberry providence! Double Blaa-aa-ackberry Kettle Sour 7.7% ABV / Contains lactose / While supplies last!


Beer Release: TBD Pilsner 2/8/19

Help us will Spring in to an early arrival by thinking crispy, clear Pilsner thoughts. The Big Deal here is that This Beer Delivers what Taste Buds Demand. We could go on, but, you’ve stopped reading. From the Untappd description: True Brewers Drink Pilsner! This traditional German Lager is crisp, soft and delicious. Easy-drinking, and[…]


SOUR Beer Release: Baby G’OAT

Releasing Friday, 1/25/19, the latest lil’ feller in our G’OAT kettle sour series, Baby G’OAT! From the Untappd description: He’s little and cute, and full of fruit… This kid is springing through the taproom with an abundance of apricot and plenty of peach. A sweet & sour session squirt! Columbus & Tettnang hops 4.2 %[…]


Beer Release: Captain S IPA

American IPAs require a guiding light – a captain, if you will – to get that balance of body and crisp hops. We’re always making adjustments to our core IPA offering, Captain C, and the latest iteration took us on a loving cruise to hoptown. From the Untappd description: Captain C is on some R&D[…]


Beer Release: Frontside Bunny Hop’d

It’s time for those sweet Fall sessions down at the ol’ ramp or park. Summer is fading but the need for your old ass to wipe out trying to hop the transition is stronger than ever. The newest iteration of our popular Frontside series – Frontside: Bunny Hop’d – is just the medicine to nurse[…]