Beer Release: Frontside Bunny Hop’d

It’s time for those sweet Fall sessions down at the ol’ ramp or park. Summer is fading but the need for your old ass to wipe out trying to hop the transition is stronger than ever. The newest iteration of our popular Frontside series – Frontside: Bunny Hop’d – is just the medicine to nurse[…]


Beer Release 9/21/18: Quite Frankly Helles Lager

Our pals at Inverness Brewing stopped in between breaks building out their sweet new brewery in Northern Baltimore county to collaborate on this light & clean Helles Lager. It’s the kinda beer that you drink after setting up fermentation tanks and other assorted brewing supplies or after your yoga class. Seriously, Tom, you earned it. From the[…]


Beer Release 9/21/18: Nordic Jacuzzi Experimental Kettle Sour

More experiments, more kettle souring, and more Ingvar. Join us to kick out our latest quaffer and take home a Crowler for that late-night hot tub action! From the Untappd description: Join Ingvar as he cannonballs over the inflatable pool shark into the hot tub! One-of-a-kind no-boil, kettle-soured, parti-gyle fermented at 94° with peaches on Norwegian[…]


Beer Release: Ingvar Kicks Kveik Experimental Ale

Woah, Nelly! We’ve been experimenting with Kveik yeast and this latest batch is a variant of our popular Sidekicks session ale with some funk to it while remaining crisp & easy drinkin’. From the Untappd description: Ingvar has a brand-new pair of boots, and he’s still very thirsty! Our newest Kveik yeast experiment features Pilsner,[…]


Beer Release: Bubbles Brut IPA

Brut IPAs deliver the crispy dryness with tons of flavor. We’re releasing our run at this emerging style Friday, Aug. 17th with our pals at the Mindgrub Cafe truck paring a Brunch Sammie to round out the brunch vibe for the weekend. From the Untappd description: Wash away your toil & troubles with billions &[…]


SOUR Beer Release – Double Apricot Alpaca G’OAT

The latest release (Thurs. 7/5/18) in our kettle-soured G’OAT series is ready for prime time. From the Untappd description:   We wrangled “Beah Guy” Rob Goss (Whitey’s Liquors) to conspire on this refreshingly tart Summer sour. Laden with apricots, this pack animal is only around for a limited time!   7.5% / Contains lactose


BEER Release: Ingvar the Imbiber Kveik Farmhouse Ale

Ingvar’s comin’ and he’s thirsty!! Our latest creation – getting released Thurs 6/28/18 – is a nod to those storied Scandinavian/Baltic farmhouse beers passed down through generations to drink on hot Summer days. From the Untappd description: We procured some hitherto unknown Norwegian yeast (Kveik Årset) which ferments at insanely high temperatures with esters of[…]