SOUR Beer Release – Double Apricot Alpaca G’OAT

The latest release (Thurs. 7/5/18) in our kettle-soured G’OAT series is ready for prime time. From the Untappd description:   We wrangled “Beah Guy” Rob Goss (Whitey’s Liquors) to conspire on this refreshingly tart Summer sour. Laden with apricots, this pack animal is only around for a limited time!   7.5% / Contains lactose


BEER Release: Ingvar the Imbiber Kveik Farmhouse Ale

Ingvar’s comin’ and he’s thirsty!! Our latest creation – getting released Thurs 6/28/18 – is a nod to those storied Scandinavian/Baltic farmhouse beers passed down through generations to drink on hot Summer days. From the Untappd description: We procured some hitherto unknown Norwegian yeast (Kveik Årset) which ferments at insanely high temperatures with esters of[…]


SOUR Release: Double Slatefarm Strawberry G’OAT

Join us for a special Sunday release on 7/1/2018 of the latest iteration in our sour G’OAT series brewed in collaboration with our friends @ Slate Farm Brewery, Double Slatefarm Strawberry G’oat! Slate Farm will be releasing the joint venture – made with tons of fresh-picked strawberries from their farm – the day before, Sat.[…]



Spring-in-to-Summer in Baltimore is always a weird mix of haze, rain, humidity, and hope. Our latest creation is all of these things in a glass…that sounds weird, but, trust us. From the Untappd description: The last of the Starman rides a surly goat into the sunset!  We blended the hazy, hopped Starman IPA with our[…]


Frontside Ale 2018 Is Here!

Frontside is back for 2018 and ready to refresh! From the Untappd description: Our sudsy summertime quencher is here! A bunch of Pils, a bit of wheat and lightly dry-hopped with big, bright hops… Easy-drinking for all your inverted and nosegrinding moments! 5% ABV / 40 IBU / CTZ, Amarillo & Falconer’s Flight hops


BEER RELEASE: Oh, Brother! Maibock Collab With Key Brewing

Spring has finally sprung and that means it’s time to unleash the awesome German bocks and whatnot that have been lagering since Winter just waiting for the call to help us all celebrate. Our latest release, “Oh, Brother!” – a Maibock crafted in collaboration with Key Brewing Co. – is the perfect beer for the[…]



Our big & hoppy Haze monster is back and better than ever! From the Untappd description: This hazy IPA is gonna git you, Sucka! Crafted with Vermont yeast, and loaded with dry-hops, this hazy offering won’t give you the Shaft, Chef. Citra, El Dorado & Galaxy / 7.3% ABV / 80 IBU


SOUR SAISON RELEASE: Long Distance Dedication

Sour Saison? You heard us right, buddy! Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for new flavors. From the Untappd description: This long-awaited kettle-soured spring ale has finally emerged from its lair. Some pilsner malt, flaked rye and sauer malt meet on Saison yeast for a crisp, tart thrill. 6% ABV / 28[…]