Who Is Oyster Joe? More Than Just Our Coffee Oyster Stout

WBC_oyster_joe_announce_2 (1)While working on our latest creation, the coffee oyster stout named Oyster Joe, we stumbled upon some Chesapeake Bay folklore surrounding a character named Oyster Joe.

Who is Oyster Joe? Our research on this mysterious old oyster man that kicked around the Chesapeake Bay in the late 30s/mid 40s has revealed some interesting tales.

Never seen in the same location twice, as stories go, Oyster Joe was on a quest to blend those worldly flavors he loved from his travels as a merchant marine after the first World War: coffee, oysters, and stout. The Chesapeake Bay region- with its rich history of importing fine coffees, oyster farming, and brewing- provided all the elements ol’ Joe needed to create the perfect beverage: a coffee oyster stout.

Locals put forth that Oyster Joe perfected his recipe around 1946 and disappeared from the shores of the Bay. His story didn’t end there, however, as ensuing years would see random drop-offs of Oyster Joe’s delicious coffee oyster stout to the folks that helped him find what he was looking for those many years.

Were he around today, we think Oyster Joe would be proud to call our attempt at his recipe home.


5.2 % ABV / 22 IBU


We took our Local Oyster stout- made with the shells and meat from real Maryland oysters – and added a few pounds of locally roasted organic coffee.

Served on Nitro-pour, this smooth, dark stout offers a slightly oceanic experience.



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Oyster Joe image courtesy of the Library Of Congress.