Waverly Brewing Co. (WBC) is located in the Hampden-Woodberry area of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. WBC was conceived amidst a table of beers (as many great ideas are), when some friends new and old gathered to sample brewer Roy Fisher’s storied homebrews.

Waverly Brewing Co.’s beers strive to be honest and hard-working while remaining playful and experiential. WBC holds no allegiance to regional styles nor a particular flavor profile. Rather, we brew what we like to drink, and we’re always eager to create new and interesting brews to share with friends. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer veteran or a curious casual beer drinker looking for new taste adventures, we believe you’ll find sanctuary with Waverly Brewing Co.

Don’t drink whatever. Drink Waverly.™

Head Brewer Roy H. Fisher Jr.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 2.50.47 PMAn inaugural batch on his parents’ stovetop in high school was the origin of Waverly Brewing Co.’s head brewer Roy Fisher’s love affair with making beer. Ever since, his enthusiasm and passion for creating elite elixirs has grown exponentially. As the recipient of many homebrewing awards both local and national, Roy’s penchant for pairing unique ingredients and beer has garnered his reputation as a seriously epicurean yet delightfully whimsical brewer.


The Brewery:

The brewery consists of a 5bbl brewhouse and a handful of 5bbl fermenters and brite tanks. Small? Yes. Mighty? YES! Due to size limitations- the brewery space is about 2,500 sq. ft. – we required a system be designed to fit in every available spot and still be nimble & efficient. We chose steam as our heat source to make sure we didn’t create a steam bath via direct fire heat and, efficiency-wise, so that we could recirculate water, thus, limiting waste. We’ve found it to be super efficient while allowing us to hand-craft batches of up to 10 half kegs at a time. Small batch, indeed.

Our pilot system is a 1bbl all-electric setup cobbled together in a manner that harkens back to our homebrewing roots. It’s a little more efficient due to temp controllers and such, but, still is a hands-on affair. Limited run experiments and one-offs for special events, etc., come from the pilot system.

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